Sometimes you just want to lock the door and have some ME time. Well, you will find that at the Alba Studio.

Massage is not just about treating the physical pain that you have, but also the anxiety and stress that keeps your mind working with no relief.

General massage at Alba involves treating the body and mind. The treatment is yours and therefore if you want relaxing, relaxing is what you will get.

Hot stones and warm towels are the norm at the St Martins studio, to help ease those muscles with differing techniques used to gently help you unwind and enjoy your experience.

You can choose from a Full Body Massage, or perhaps a full Back, Neck, Shoulder and Head massage, or a Reiki massage?

All the waxes and oils used are homemade and scented with aromatherapy oils to allow all your senses to be treated. These oils and waxes are non allergenic and are Organic.

Make your appointment for a relaxing massage now!