Alba specialises in treating painful and restrictive conditions in trying to find the root of what is causing you sleepless nights and uncomfortable days.

After more than a decade in Nursing, Mandy is well aware of the journey that muscles, and the body in general, takes from injury through to health.

Pain can be the last symptom you experience, as the damage to the body may have happened long before the point of where the muscles became stiff, immobile with, possible, loss of function.

In this instance, it is important to realise that you will not be ‘fixed’ in one treatment. You may need a course of therapy which will also include stretches to do at home. I have exercise sheets which I go over with you to ensure you are comfortable doing these exercises and understand the importance of maintaining your health in between sessions. Generally excellent improvement can be seen within 5-6 sessions. However, each person is different and will have varying lengths and degrees of recovery. You may be referred onto another therapist such as a Physio, Chiropractor or Osteopath.

Holistic Medical Massage for Shoulder Girdle Pain-
This massage focuses on the Shoulder Girdle/Rotator Cuff muscles. Your shoulder is assessed to its movement/flexibility and treated accordingly. It can be uncomfortable to begin with, but it won’t be as bad as the pain you are in now!
Exercises will also be shown how to keep the shoulder muscles from returning to their original painful state. Used for Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis/Painful Arc Syndrome.

Soft Tissue Release Sports Massage-
Although it says Sports Massage, many people can suffer from shortened and tight muscles through repetitive use.
A general warming massage is given to relax the muscles and then they are stretched and massaged to encourage them to get out of the rut they are in. Used for when you feel restricted movement.

Myofascial Release-
Getting through the layers of tissue to help release the structures underneath is very important. There would be minimal benefit in stretching a muscle if it was restricted in another manner. MyoFascial Release (MFR) is a slow, unwinding form of massage that helps to free up these structures, allowing deeper work. (Certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage, Advance Myofascial Release Practitioner)

Trigger Point Therapy (TrP) is also important in easing pain. Those ‘knots’ you feel are small areas of muscle tissue that have become restricted and are close to nerve endings which can result in pain being felt somewhere else in the body, away from the sight of initial pain. Again Trigger Points must be released to allow the muscle to function properly and alleviate the pain you feel.

Advance Clinical Lower Back Pain - A specific massage protocol to help reduce your Lower Back Pain in approximately 6 sessions (dependent on cause of back pain, some conditions may require further treatment). All the muscles associated with the lower back are treated to ensure complete release from restrictions and not just the muscle causing the pain.

Leg, Knee, Foot and Hip Pain - I put these all together as one invariably causes pain in the other. Again there are treatment protocols that I use for each area and these are entwined to ensure we get to the root cause of your pain.

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