Clinical and Orthopaedic Massage Studio

Welcome to Alba, an Advanced Clinical Massage studio, where we specialise in Clinical, Orthopeadic and Myofascial Massage.

The core of Alba is to soothe away the aches and stresses of the day, to alleviate your pain and discomfort and to lighten the mind and body, helping it find its way back to optimum health.

The aim of Alba is to help trace your pain back to its source and help you to maintain a pain/restricted free existence.

The types of massage available at Alba are indicated in the top bar. Please take your time and browse through each one to choose what will be of most benefit to you.

Your therapist will assess your needs with you and will devise a massage treatment that is designed specifically for you.
This may incorporate more than one of the therapies above.

Please take your time and do not hesitate to
contact Mandy for more information and to book an appointment

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